Corpus Christi Brewery Festival 2019

We had a great afternoon last Saturday at the 3rd Annual Corpus Christi Brewery Festival 2019. The festival showcases local craft breweries and there were also some craft breweries from other parts of Texas represented. It benefits the Art Center of Corpus Christi.

Craft brewers love to talk about their beer, the sun was shining and the crowd was feeling pretty mellow. NOTE: There was absolutely NO Green Beer!

CC Brewfest

Lorelei Brewing

Marzan – This was my first tasting. I had already tried this brewery’s Belgian Honeypot 10.5 ABV, it was on tap where we had lunch and was very good. So I tried something a lot lighter. The Marzan was a great brew for the summer. I would compare it to a pale ale or blonde. I liked this one, it was a great start. ~~Kay

Manatas Neipa – 7.2% ABV 50 IBU

Nice IPA. Hazy with a middle of the road bitterness. A very drinkable IPA. ~~Lynda

B & J’s

Hefeweizen – This is a type of German wheat beer. I have had many of these over the years and always gravitate to them when fall comes around. The look of this one was a little cloudy, but that did not affect the taste, light and bright. I think wheat beers are smooth and this one didn’t disappoint.~~Kay

Hairy Porter – This is an English Brown Porter. I love porters and this one was no exception. It was malty with hints of coffee and chocolate but not too heavy. ~~Lynda

St. Arnold Brewing Company

St. Arnold’s is Texas oldest craft brewery, located in Houston.

Art Car IPA – Okay, this is where I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for the hoppy IPA. And why not? I understand St. Arnold has been around since 1994, so there is a lot of experience here! This beer was hoppy and had that classic taste I associate with an IPA, just a little bitter for me. I usually like something more malty than hoppy, but it was refreshing with a hint of maltiness. ~~Kay

Weathered Souls

Weathered Souls is located in San Antonio.

Duel in the Sun – I think this was my favorite. They had two beers on tap, both IPA’s I think, so I asked which had the least hops and they recommended Duel in the Sun. I could taste the malt over the hops and it was very refreshing with a hint of citrus, I would definitely try this one again. ~~Kay

Lazy Beach

Corpus Christi – This one reminded me of an amber. They described it as a Texas Bock. It was right in my wheel well with a malty taste that finished with a lot of orange. I could drink this one all the time.

All in all I had a great time. Good company, tasting beer and watching people.

How does the song go — “God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy….” Billy Currington !!! ~~Kay

Breakfast Brown – William “BJ” Thompson, who introduced himself as the Minister of Beer for Lazy Beach, told me this was currently his favorite brew. It’s a collaboration with local Green Light Coffee and lived up to BJ’s description. He said it was like having a cinnamon roll and coffee all rolled up in a beer. Spot on and my favorite taste of the day. ~~Lynda

Blue Lotus Winery/Texas Mead Works

There was one winery represented at this brew fest. Blue Lotus has locations in Seguin and Hye, Texas. They also make mead. I tried their Left Bank, a traditional red blend with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot grapes.

It was full-bodied and smooth. Very enjoyable on its own or would be great with a steak. ~~Lynda

Side Bar


Nueces Brewing Co out of Corpus Christi. They couldn’t share their brews yet, but I can’t wait to try them when they are available.

Mike Driver at Planet 102.3 radio.

For a list of all the breweries at the festival and for information on next year’s event visit: .

Hope you enjoyed our view of the festival. Be sure to visit the brewery web sites and sample some of the local brews if you’re in the area.

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